What information do you need from me to make my PPC program as effective as possible?

In order for us to make the campaign as effective as possible, please have the following information on hand for your kickoff call with your Account Manager:
  • Your anticipated monthly ad budget.
  • Your service area (the locations where you want users to be eligible to see your ads).
    • We are able to target by zip code, city, county, or a radius around a specific location.
  • The days and hours you would like for the PPC campaign to run.
Any additional information or data you can provide from your existing campaign is beneficial. If you have the ability to pull revenue by zip code, this information can help to inform your campaign as well.
Your Account Manager may make recommendations during the kickoff call based on your specific needs.
Over the course of your campaign, you will continue to meet with your Account Manager to review these settings and Qiigo will provide ongoing optimization of all factors based on performance.