My PPC ad has an ad status of Approved (limited). What does this mean?

The status approved (limited) is given to ads that comply with Google’s policies but won’t be able to appear in all situations due to the restrictions of those policies.

  • An ad can be marked "Approved (limited)" based on whether the content of its ad text and website comply with details of a policy. To meet the requirements of Google’s policies, these ads will only be allowed to show in certain countries or on certain devices on the Google Search and Display Networks.

    If your site doesn’t display properly on mobile web browsers (for example, because it uses Flash or contains large images), your ad will be marked "Approved (limited)" and won’t show your ad to users on a mobile device. However, your ad can still appear as usual to non-mobile users.

  • To fix these issues, remove any Flash, large images, or other rendering issues from your website. Make sure to configure your website correctly so that it’s visible when AdWords attempts to visit the mobile version of your site.

  • Whenever you create or edit an ad, Google reviews the ad to make sure that it complies with our advertising policies and is safe and appropriate for users.