What is In-line Editing?

In-line editing is a way to change your ads, keywords, placements, and bids right where you see them in your account. For example, click a keyword and type your changes right there.

  • In-line editing lets you change your ads, keywords, placements, and bids within the tables on your account’s Campaigns tab. Just hover over a row to reveal which fields are editable, then click one of those fields.
  • There are usually several ways to make changes to your ads, bids, and other elements of your ad campaign. In-line editing is one of the easiest ways to make quick, individual changes because you can complete the whole process without being taken to a new page.
  • Remember that when you edit a keyword, placement, or ad, its statistics will be reset to zero. The previous version will be marked as deleted and can appear in your table with its past performance statistics. Your bids, destination URLs, and other settings will not be reset when you edit them.