Am I limited to one map listing on Google Maps even if my location services multiple regions?

Yes. Google does not typically show businesses that are not physically located in the searched city. Google does, however, allow service areas to be designated in Google maps. In Google’s guidelines it states:

"Businesses that operate in a service area, as opposed to a single location, should not create a listing for every city they service. Businesses that operate in a service area should create one listing for the central office or location and designate service areas.”

Here are some ways to boost your presence in local searches:

  • Go organic. This is easy when you sign up for Local Listings Management with Qiigo. We list your business in online directories, increasing your search ranking organically. 
  • Get reviewed. Encourage customers from multiple areas you service to review your business. Include these testimonials on your website with the customer’s name and location.
  • Give directions. Include directions to your location from your service areas on your website.

 For more information on Google's Guidelines, please click here.