Credential Requests

Credential Requests

What is a Credential Request?

A credential request is an email alert that Qiigo sends to obtain the login for an existing listing that we do not have access to.

What is the Process?

  1. Qiigo Discovers Your Listing: Qiigo observes that there is a listing with your business information that it does not have access to, or you designate in your kickoff call that you may have the login to a listing.
  2. Qiigo Sends a Credential Request: Qiigo sends an email requesting access to the listing.
  3. You Ask Relevant Parties for the Login: If you get a credential request, we recommend reviewing the potential owners of the login:
    • Current or former employees?
    • Previous digital marketing vendor?
    • Anyone at corporate?
    • Previous Business Owner?
  4. Try “Request Change Password”: If you think you might have created an account with your email address, but no longer remember the password, go to the login screen for that website and click “request change password.”  Contact your account manager if you need assistance with this.
  5. You Send a Response: Click on the link inside of the notification and follow the prompts with either:
    • "I have access, here is my login"
    • "I don't have access"
  6. Qiigo’s Next Steps:
    • If You Reply With a Login: Qiigo will attempt to login and to update the listing.
    • If You Reply That You Don’t Have a Login: Qiigo will now seek alternative methods of obtaining access to the listing.  Your account manager may reach out to you if additional assistance is needed.

What If I Don’t Want to Give Qiigo my Login?

Alternatives to Providing a Login

For some local listings, Qiigo can be added as a manager instead of giving Qiigo direct login access. We recommend having a phone call with your account manager and then following the required steps for the listing in question.  In the call, your account manager can provide you with the email that you should invite admin access to.

Update the Listing Yourself

While it is not recommended, Qiigo can work with you to update the information on your listing on your own so that it matches the rest of your local listings managed by Qiigo.  Contact your account manager and ask if there is any information that you need to update for the listing in question.


The cons to not providing Qiigo your login is that you will not be able to utilize Qiigo’s convenience of updating all of your directories for you when your office address or phone number changes.

Can Qiigo Obtain Access to the Listing Another Way?

Qiigo can reach out directly to listing websites to claim ownership of your listings as a last resort.  This can be a drawn out process as most listing websites are skeptical to provide access to anyone outside of the business owner.  In some cases, Qiigo may coordinate additional methods of verification with you in order to claim ownership of the listing.

Why Doesn’t Qiigo Just Create a New Listing?

Ideally, Qiigo will avoid creating a new listing so that there are not duplicate listings.  Having duplicate listings can negatively impact how Google evaluates your business and can lower the rankings of your Google My Business page.



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