Duplicate Listings: Why to Avoid Them

Duplicate Listings: Why to Avoid Them

What is a Duplicate Listing?

A duplicate listing is any case that there is a 2nd listing on the same listing platform that represents your business. It could have the same exact information as your first listing only it has a different URL. A duplicate listing could also be a listing with an older address or phone number to your valid listing, but still represents your business.

What is the Impact of a Duplicate Listing on Your Business?

Impacts to Google My Business Rankings

Google crawls for business citations to determine the relevance of your business and to evaluate the consistency of your business information across the web. If you have a duplicate listing and/or there is another listing with older information, then Google may be confused which listing is representative of your business and to be acknowledged in your list of citations.


Impacts to User Experience

If there are duplicate listings for your business, especially those with old information, you can inadvertently frustrate your customers because they are misdirected when traveling to your office or they are unable to reach you because there is an old phone number on the duplicate listing.



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