How Does the Local Listings Management Program Benefit My Business?

How Does the Local Listings Management Program Benefit My Business?

Benefits to Google My Business

Your local listings and other business citations have a strong impact on your Google My Business Rankings. Google crawls the web looking for citations of your business by other listings to confirm the accuracy of your Google My Business page. Each time Google crawls a citation and finds that the information is accurate, it gives your business a point. As these points add up, your Google My Business listing gains credibility with Google.

Google is looking for the following in business citations:

  • Accuracy: When Google sees that the business information in other citations matches your website and Google My Business page, it serves as an additional point of validation that gives Google more confidence to rank your Google My Business page in the search results.
  • Frequency: If Google can see that you are cited in multiple places across the web rather than just a few, this shows Google that you’re trusted by multiple websites to be presented to their user base.

Benefits to the User Experience

Being listed in multiple places is also critical to having a quality user experience.  If there is inaccuracy in your listings, such as an incorrect business address, then it may be difficult for customers to find you. This can be very frustrating and cause a loss of business.

Benefits to Google Ads (PPC)

When Qiigo creates a Google My Business page for you and then connects this to your Google Ads account, this can increase performance. This is because Google can provide more value to the user in communicating the location of your business. This can allow the possibility for more clicks to your ad and improve your ad rankings.



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