Phone Verifications

Phone Verifications

What is a Phone Verification?

A phone verification is a process used by local listing websites to validate that the business phone number in your listing is authentic and builds confidence in your listing.   

Why are Phone Verifications Necessary?

For some local listing websites phone verifications are required for the listing to be created or updated.  Phone verifications help to validate that your listing represents a real business and the process serves to protect your business information.

How do Phone Verifications Work?

  1. Qiigo will send an email notification to you that we are ready to schedule a phone verification with you.
  2. Inside this email there will be a link to schedule the call.  Please be careful to select your time zone when picking a time on the calendar.
  3. For the call we will ask for both a cell phone and the office line to be verified on the listing.
  4. During the session, Qiigo will first call you on your cell phone.  This will allow us to keep the main office line open as we coordinate the next step.
  5. From there, the Qiigo representative will have the listing make an automated call to your main office line. When you answer this call, you will either be prompted to enter a PIN that Qiigo will provide to you, or recite to us the PIN you hear on the call.
  6. Take down this pin number and provide it to the Qiigo representative. In most cases, you can simply tell this to the Qiigo representative over the phone.
  7. Once this is completed you’re all done!  Qiigo will now be able to validate and update your listing.


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