What Can I Geofence?

Qiigo has the ability to create a “geofence” around any building, parts of a building, property (like a parking lot), or even draw custom shapes! As long as your chosen target is COPPA and HIPPA compliant, we can work with you to set up custom geofences.


Buildings and Coordinates

Simply provide Qiigo with addresses and we will set up the geofence to encompass those buildings. If you don’t have an address, just provide coordinates and we can work together to create a custom geofence shape around your desired target.


Parts of Buildings

Is the business you want to geofence part of a stripmall? We can target individual suites! Just provide the full address including suite number. However the ability to geofence at a certain elevation (i.e. 10th floor of a building) is not available at this time.


Qiigo also has the ability to target open spaces like a parking lot or a car lot. Just be sure to specify specific instructions to your Qiigo Account Manager.


Specific Aisles of a Big Box Store

A feature Qiigo is really excited about is the ability to geofence a specific aisle for a number of big box stores. Some businesses that are a bit more savvy in Google My Business have labeled specific aisles in their store. A great use case would be a business wanting to target DIYers shopping in a particular department of a big box hardware store.