How do I authenticate my Google Maps listing or Facebook page in the Qii.Qiigo dashboard?

How to Authenticate Google or Facebook in the Dashboard

Before you can see data surrounding your Google Maps listing in the dashboard, you have to authenticate your Google accounts.

Login to the Qiigo dashboard and open up the “Reviews” tab. Select “My Connections” to authenticate your accounts.

Steps for authenticating your Google Profile

If your Google account is not connected, click “+ Add GMB Profile” to get started. It will prompt you to sign into your Google account.

Once signed in, Google will ask you to confirm sharing access. Click “Allow” to move forward. 

You will get a Success message if your account was successfully added to the dashboard.

Once added, you will now have your GMB profile added under “Your Connected Accounts”. You may need to refresh the page for the dashboard to update.

Now that your account is connected, you will need to link your Google listing to your account. Click the    icon under “GMB options” and select your connect profile from the drop down menu. After selecting your profile, the pages you have access to will appear. Search or select your page and click “Ok” to save the page. Your listing will be mapped


Steps for authenticating your Facebook profile

If your Facebook account is not connected, click “+ Add Facebook Profile” to get started. It will prompt you to sign into your Facebook account.

You will see the same “Success” message as you did above for GMB and follow the same process to select your Facebook page and connect to your dashboard!