How Do I Respond to a Negative Review?

While receiving a negative review is unfortunate, it's important to respond to that review in the appropriate manner. Most negative reviews do not qualify for removal per Google's Review Policy, but there are steps that you can take to ensure that these types of reviews are handled professionally and appropriately.

  • Always thank the client for their feedback.
  • Do not use keywords or mention your business name on the response.
  • Empathize. Let them know that providing quality service is foremost on your mind.
  • Resolve offline. No one wins an argument on the internet. Provide them with a way to reach you to address the issue.
  • As always, be courteous and professional when responding to your reviews. Remember that you are not just responding to the customer but you are also branding an image of your business.

For Best Practices in Responding to Qiigo's Online Reviews Guide, please visit How to Respond to Reviews.

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