How do I provide Google My Business access to Qiigo?

In order to manage your Google listing, Qiigo needs access to your Google My Business Account
If you have access to your listing, below are directions on how to provide Qiigo access.


You must have “Owner” Access to provide access to your Google My Business account

Go to

Log in with the account that owns your Google listing

Go to “Users” tab on the left side


Click on the to add another user

Add the email provided by your Qiigo Account Manager

Select “Owner” and click invite

If you have any questions, please contact Qiigo:

Granting us owner level still keeps you as the "Primary owner" but allows us to talk to Google on your behalf if/when there are problems and do everything we're supposed to.

In reality, "Owner" = "Admin" but it's Google's terminology. You still control the listing!