I am part of a franchise group. How do you prevent another location’s ads from showing my territory?

It is always our goal to eliminate the possibility of overlapping ads showing in Google results. However, Google does not guarantee some overlap won’t occur. Because, at this time, there is no way to completely ensure another location’s ads don’t show in your territory, we take great care in minimizing the chances of this happening. 

To minimize these occurrences we employ a ‘negative zip code’ strategy.Negative zip codes are those zip codes Google is instructed to exclude from a campaign. For example, we would list all the neighboring location’s contractual zip codes in your campaign as negative (or excluded) zip codes. In turn, your contractual zip codes will be listed in the neighboring location’s campaign, also as negative zip codes. This tells Google not to show your ads in the neighboring location’s contractual zip codes and not to show their ads in your contractual zip codes.

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