What is Share of Voice?

The best way to describe Share of Voice is as follows: 

Say there are 10,000 places on the web (places that are accessible to search engine crawlers) where your company and your competitors are mentioned (combined pool of mentions). 

Your online Share of Voice is simply the percentage of those total mentions that mention your company. Competitor share of voice is calculated the same.

The Online Share of Voice uses the Bing Search API, the search terms are constructed as follows: "Account" + "Service" + "City, State"

Real life example: "Heritage Hardwood Floors LLC" + "installation of pre-finished floors" + "Harlem, GA"

Simply, Share of Voice gives you a rough idea of how often your business is turning up in local searches versus your competitors.

Here’s another example of how it works: 

Say you own Harry’s Hardware in Houston. Your main competitors are Hank’s Hardware and Hilda’s Hardware. 

When a customer searches for hardware + Houston, out of all the results also containing the words Harry’sHank’s, or Hilda’s:
  • Harry’s appears in 50% of the pages.
  • Hank’s appears in 40% of the pages.
  • Hilda’s appears in 10% of the pages.

To modify your Share of Voice charts:
Tweak your keywords and competitors using the Edit Services link in the top-right corner to get more detailed and useful results. Be sure to enter all of the different service categories that the business sells to – these can range from very detailed (i.e. UV Teeth Whitening) to very broad (i.e. Dentist). 

Also, when entering competitors make sure to use their business name and not their website.

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