Can I A/B Test?

In a situation such as running multiple ad sets concurrently, we can look at CTR and CPM performance of those ads to make determinations on which ads may be performing better. However, if landing page performance is what is being tested, then the... Read More

Can We Do Native Ads?

Native Ads are not a part of the standard Programmatic tactics, but is a functionality we may have access to as a Professional Services project. Read More

Can We Use Day Parting?

We do not currently daypart our impressions as the emphasis of serving an impression when users are most “conversion ready” is less of a concern in Programmatic. Read More

How Many Ad Sets Can I Run?

Typically we will only run one ad set at a time, but if a brand provides more than one set to run or if you want to continue running past ads alongside new ones, we can do that as well. Read More

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